Thursday, August 8, 2013

AFI 2013

Akademi Fantasi Indonesia (abbreviated as AFI) is a talent show that adaptation of the show entitled La Academia in Mexico. AFI is a singing talent search in Indonesia after Popstars. All finalists who made it into the AFI will be called as "academics" and undergo quarantine for 3 months. The academics are competing to be the champion and the chance to win a car with cash.

AFI is the second version of La Academia in Asia after the Academy Fantasia in Malaysia. After Indonesia, Thailand also made a similar event with the name of Academy Fantasia and the Philippines as the Pinoy Dream Academy (formerly Philippine Idol). AFI is the first talent search program in Indonesia, which is currently rating the Grand final is yet to be defeated by any of the talent search program as well as a pioneer in Indonesian talent show. Each of the AFI concert runs for 9 weeks plus 1 week for the E-Club Concert, a concert in which the academics who have been eliminated pitted again won the title of Champion for Favorites. Voting is done by SMS to 3977 and Premium Call to 0809-1-800-900. The AFI academia gathered in a dormitory for quarantined. There, they were trained by professional counselors who covers the field of choreography, psychology, vocal, voice, acting, and English. AFI headed by a Principal, ie Tamam Hussein. In 2007, AFI suspended.

In 2010, Indosiar officially announced that the AFI will be held again with the new format. However, at the time, for no apparent reason Indosiar not happen. In May 2013, formally through official twitter account Indosiar and media, Indosiar AFI announced that 2014 will be present after the program The Voice Indonesia with a new format and auditions will begin after Ramadan 2013.Dan Indosiar Fantasy Academy 2014 will compete rating with Indonesian Idol 2014.